Set up as a Pre-Startup Mentoring Program for young visionaries, Successify designs innovative processes and engages aspiring entrepreneurs in fast learning experiences for a clear understanding of entrepreneurship.

Why we do it?

 The gap

The educational environment is rapidly changing and the traditional education system which focuses on intellectual rather than practical learning does not offer students enough tools to successfully develop an entrepreneurial mindset. There exists a gap between theory and real world application of constructive ideas.


 A new model is needed

The traditional school model faces many challenges and young people need innovative ways of learning, out of school, for developing new capabilities to apply knowledge with greater results.


The solution

Successify intends to personalize learning and be a catalyst for young idea makers by designing engaging learning experiences for developing entrepreneurial skills in a more interactive way. We help young people to bring their ideas to life.



Unlock the untapped entrepreneurial potential from young idea makers, by bridging the gap between theory and practical actions.



Transform young visionaries into entrepreneurs through innovative learning experiences.